Watch MTV Roadies X4 Lucknow Auditions – Episode #5 19 March 2016

Watch Roadies Lucknow Auditions of Roadies X4. Watch Online Free Live MTV Roadies X4– Your Gang Your Glory Full Episodes. The new set of judges are all ready to rock the show. Don’t miss the fun part of the auditions. Watch Full Episodes Online Free! Watch MTV Roadies X4 Lucknow Auditions !!

MTV Roadies X4 Lucknow Auditions Episode 5 Online

Watch Roadies Lucknow Auditions of Roadies X4

Lucknow Auditions

MTV is a youth based channel with youth based shows. One such show which has observed many successful leagues is back with a bang. Yes, I am talking about one of the rated shows of MTV Roadies X4 – Your Gang Your Glory. MTV Roadies X4 is one such show for which the youth goes crazy as it has drama, adventure, and travel along with voyeurism.

This time the show is back with all new judges and new format. But this time it’s much anticipated than last and definitely much tough and hard to survive.


Here is lot more adventure hidden in the auditions only with these tough dudes and some quirky contestants. So do not forget to tune into MTV for Roadies X4 on Saturday at 7 PM.

Episode #1 – Delhi Auditions

Episode #2 – Delhi Auditions

Episode #3 – Chandigarh Auditions

Episode #4 – Pune Auditions 😀

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